Operation and maintenance products and services, that support our client’s industrial and facility maintenance program requirements.


Comprehensive consultation, compliance, and resource management solutions, in support of mission critical operations.


Integrating technical and financial resources, to improve energy efficiency and renewable program performance.


Deploying technology resources that can increase efficiency, improve business performance, and meet operational requirements.



Industrial Operations & Facilities Maintenance

The BRIC’s O&M offering  involves providing the  necessary labor, management, supervision, permits, equipment, supplies, materials, transportation, and any other incidental items or services required for the operation and maintenance of our clients industrial facilities, with an emphasis on water / wastewater operations.

Additional services include environmental remedial system operations and long term monitoring of environmental contamination.

Whether you’re seeking a small dedicated resource for the management of remote operations, or looking for a strategic partner for a larger multi-disciplinary team,  BRIC’s O&M strength lies in our experience, our emphasis on collaboration and strategic thinking, and our ability to put together a team uniquely suited for any client’s individual O&M needs.

Water & Waste Water Operations

BRIC has a wide range of experience in water / wastewater treatment facility operations and maintenance. Specialties include:

  • permitting and compliance
  • piping and pumping
  • process-control systems
  • wastewater and water-supply
  • wastewater and water-treatment systems
  • water resources and wastewater management



BRIC is a trusted advisor on achieving and maintaining sustainable and long term oversight of regulations that govern substances released to the air, water, and land, as well as workplace environment, health and safety (EHS). The suite of services we offer spans all aspects of natural resource stewardship, and EHS compliance, including:

  • natural resource management
  • cultural resource management
  • NEPA/CEQA compliance and environmental planning
  • sustainability and pollution prevention consulting
  • site investigation and characterization
  • air quality compliance permittingdeveloping compliance plans, strategies, and systems
  • providing on-site compliance assistance
  • preparing permit applications and reports
  • conducting audits and tracking compliance
  • hazardous waste management
  • resolving noncompliance issues

Often there’s more than one way to achieve compliance, and sometimes the most obvious option is also the most expensive or restrictive. By asking about clients’ operations, goals, and budgets, BRIC provides economical, site-specific compliance solutions that satisfy regulators, while allowing individual companies to preserve their most critical aspect of business, whether it’s customer service, operational flexibility, or public image.

Environmental Technology - Specialties Include:

  • geographic information system (GIS)
  • 3D modeling/BIM
  • computer-aided design and drafting (CADD)
  • 3D modeling
  • building information modeling
  • clash detection and constructability analysis
  • engineering analysis
  • engineering drawings
  • visualizations and rendering


The BRIC provides evaluation services for utility energy efficiency and renewable programs. The BRIC team and associates have years of experience providing Impact and Process Evaluations for a wide range of clients and facilities, ranging from small municipal utilities to large investor-owned utilities. Specific service include:

  • energy management
  • high performance sustainable buildings
  • technology and program evaluation, measurement, and verification
  • mission and program execution support
  • energy security
  • climate change services

Energy Efficiency

EE Potential studies provide our clients with model-based forecasts of potential Energy Efficiency savings within a client's electric or natural gas service territory. The BRIC staff and associates are ready to support customized EE studies for your unique project needs.

Baseline Studies and Market Assessments

Baseline and market assessment studies capture a snapshot of current technology and energy fuel saturations, helping to identify potential savings opportunities, and characterize existing markets segments. BRIC staff and associates have extensive experience in executing and analyzing these studies.  BRIC also provides third party evaluations of non-profit sustainability and renewable installation programs.


The BRIC team consists of a diverse group of professionals with expertise in mission-critical Information Technology, Systems Integration, and Logistics.  Our client partners include federal agencies such as the Department of Defense, the Department of State, and both small and large business federal contractor partners.  Information technology products and services include:

  • systems engineering & logistics
  • program/project management
  • IT strategy & governance
  • information assurance
  • data center & cloud architecture
  • data analytics & business intelligence
  • technical and scientific Support