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Industrial Operations & Facilities Maintenance (O&M)

The BRIC’s O&M offering  provides the labor, management, supervision, permits, equipment, supplies, materials, transportation, and related products and services required for the operation and maintenance of our clients industrial facilities, with an emphasis on water / wastewater operations.

Additional services include environmental remedial system operations and long-term monitoring of environmental contamination.

Whether you are seeking a small, dedicated resource for the management of remote operations, or looking for a strategic partner for a large, multi-disciplinary team,  BRIC’s O&M strength lies in our experience, our emphasis on collaboration and strategic thinking, and our ability to put together a team uniquely suited for any client’s specific O&M needs.

Water & Waste Water Operations

BRIC has a wide range of experience in water / wastewater treatment facility operations and maintenance. Specialties include:

  • permitting & compliance
  • piping & pumping
  • process-control systems
  • wastewater & water-supply
  • wastewater & water-treatment systems
  • water resources & wastewater management