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The BRIC provides evaluation services for utility energy efficiency and renewable programs. The BRIC team and associates have years of experience providing Impact and Process Evaluations for a wide range of clients and facilities, ranging from small municipal utilities to large investor-owned utilities. Specific services includes:

  • energy management
  • high performance sustainable buildings
  • technology and program evaluation, measurement, and verification
  • mission and program execution support
  • energy security
  • climate change services

Energy Efficiency

EE potential studies provide our clients with model-based forecasts of potential energy efficiency savings within a client’s electric or natural gas service territory. The BRIC staff and associates are ready to support customized EE studies for your unique project needs.

Baseline Studies and Market Assessments

Baseline and market assessment studies capture a snapshot of current technology and energy fuel saturations, helping to identify potential savings opportunities, and characterize existing markets segments. BRIC staff and associates have extensive experience in executing and analyzing these studies.  BRIC also provides third-party evaluations of non-profit sustainability and renewable installation programs.